Hack your own genome workshop

Time: 11:00AM - Location: AUREA GROUP HOUSE.
At Hack-your-own-genome workshop you will learn:
* How and where can I sequence your genome?
* How do health and longevity are connected with genetics? Which longevity genes do I have?
* How can I analyze my or somebodies genome with open-source tools and libraries?
* When I see an exciting gene or gene variant, how can I check it in my genome and interpret my genotype?
* Most of the traits are polygenic. How can I evaluate my polygenic risk scores?
* Which types of genomic apps exist?
* How to make Large Language Models interact with genetic data

The workshop will heavily utilize http://dna-seq.github.io/ open-source tools and apps that we develop as well as our Genetics Genie custom GPT For better experience take your laptops with you.
Registration required: https://lu.ma/op0dszjy

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