Longevity Breakfast

Longevity Breakfast

Time: 08:30AM - Location: Hotel AMANO Eastside
Join us for a Breakfast Exchange on Longevity and its Connection to Corporate Health Management!
Curious about how Longevity intersects with Corporate Health Management? Join us for a stimulating breakfast discussion featuring a brief keynote by Dr. Afschin Fatemi, followed by engaging conversations on this intriguing topic.
This event is proudly organized and hosted by cerascreen, who will be providing a delicious breakfast at no cost to participants.
Dr. Afschin Fatemi will kick off the morning with insights into Longevity, sparking thought-provoking discussions. This event is an opportunity to explore the shared principles between Longevity and Corporate Health Management.

Let's delve into the fascinating intersection of Longevity and Corporate Health Management together, courtesy of cerascreen!
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